TYPO - the round sound

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  • As a university project I created this letterpressed booklet, which is accompained by a CD where the hypothetical sounds of the Os were reproduced. The letterpressed booklet is french-folded and on every page there is a different O, while on the inside there is the name of the font with a brief description.
    There are 40 Os in total, taken from 40 historical fonts. All of the Os had to be lasercut, hand-glued on wood and then used as typographic characters.
    The cover is a poster on which the word TYPO is decomposed, to give also on the cover the sensation of a duality. The word can be read only when exposing the poster to light.
    It's a hand-sewn booklet about discovery, touch and hearing. Overall it wants to make the reader re-discover the incredible shapes of the Os and their sounds. 
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