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  • The majority of diabetic information is overwhelming for both parents and their children, making diabetes difficult to understand and effectively maintain. TYD provides a comprehensive solution for children recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Developed as a group project, my responsibilities included project management, visual identity development, glucose meter concept development, and app layout.

    Collaborators: Sarah Rolitsky, Jared Fite, Matt Pemberton
  • Instead of having a separate device, why not utilize something that almost every adolescent owns, an iOS device, such as an iPod Touch. It will allow for increased mobility, but also the functionality to sync data over multiple platforms. The readings utilize a simple color identification to inform the user when they are in a healthy range, and then automatically added to the tracking data.
  • Nutrition and exercise, two important aspects of tracking, are usually excluded from any form of management. TYD allows for easier input of these two variables. Nutrition can be added, by either selecting an item from a list of common foods or by scanning the items barcode, the system will pull data from various sources and collect the necessary nutrition information. Excerise is tracked by time, type, and intensity. This information will allow the user to understand the influence each activity has on their glucose levels. 
  • The overall chart showcases the movement of glucose levels, by selecting a circle information about the user’s nutrientional and excersie inputs, since the previous glucose test, appears. TYD tracks data over months, not days; monthly, weekly, and daily charts can be accessed through the sytems website.
  • The TYD Parent Guide gives a basic overview of the TYD system [how the app and website work], basic diabetes management, and diabetic terminology. This will be the user's first intro to the system, handed to them by their doctor upon diagnosis.
  • TYD glucose meters and color variations