TVC for Vodafone

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  • The main faces in this ad are three very well known Greek footballers.
    The average Greek football fan knows their positions in the field and that's where this story has built on.
    Vintra is a defender while Gekas and Salpiggidis are attackers.
    TAXI DRIVER (on the CB): Man, you 're not gonna believe it. I put Vintra upfront, Geka, Salpiggidis at the back.
    FRIEND: Thank god you 're not the coach... They re out of position dude, why the hell would you do that?
    TAXI DRIVER: What can I say mate? That's just the way they got in...
    FRIEND: Are you taking the piss?
    TAXI DRIVER: No... (I swear) On the jersey that I'm wearing
    As we reveal that they are all in the taxi they have a laugh while a VO says
    VO: When you wear THAT jersey everything's possible. Get yours at a Vodafone store today!