• EPG with iPad integration
    Smart TV & Connected TV
  • Here's a concept of a new wat to interact with a TV system, to be more specific, with the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) using a mobile device as a table, in this case an iPad.

    The user could use this system in two ways, with the tablet as a complement of the show/movie he's actually watching in the TV, or viceversa, watch his favorite show in the tablet, while he's browsing the EPG in the television.

    This duality offers a big series of advantages in terms of interaction, creating a better user experience for traditional and actual TV consumers.

  • TV in cinema mode, and iPad on EPG mode
  • EPG displayed on iPad device
  • Main EPG design
  • iPad detected
  • Movie profile in iPad
  • Exploring related content
  • Movie interface on iPad
  • TV on EPG mode, and iPad on movie info mode
  • Easy navigation through the EPG with the iPad