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  • Film4 identity
  • When the UK's most loved and iconic film channel launched on Freeview it needed to make a big impression. Taking the distinctive numeral '4' as a starting point we redesigned the brand from the ground up, beginning with a bold and confident new logo design calling upon inspirations from the De Stijl and Bauhaus art movements. We then set about implementing this into the on-air elements, building and refining the animations from early scamps to the finished articles.

    The London type foundry Fontsmith worked with us to create a characteristic typeface to compliment the new on and off-air styles, and for audio we got to work with one of our favourite electronic composers, Kelpe, in creating a tasty set of weird and wonderful tracks to accompany the animated stings and bumpers.
  • Film4 logo
  • Frame from sting animation
  • ¬†Sting, ident, Film4 typeface and endboard
  • Sting animations and endboard
  • Idents directed by Dan Chase at 4Creative
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