• "Magnum Pink & Black with Orlando Bloom – What mood are you in today?"
    Client: Unilever / Magnum
    Description: Magnum launched two new products: Magnum Pink Pomegranate and Magnum Black Espresso.
    The first film positions the new Magnums as a perfect choice for different moods. We all have different sides to our personality depending on what mood we are in, so Magnum has launched ‘different Magnums for different moments’. The two brand new contrasting varieties. Magnum Pink for those pleasure seekers feeling cheeky, fun or even flirty and Magnum Black, for the ones feeling a little more sophisticated, elegant and refined.
    The second film starts where the first one finishes and the adventure continues with Orlando Bloom.
    The girl takes a bite from the Magnum and changes the colour of the Porsche along with the mood so the paparazzi are fooled. The cars are a part of  the Magnum Promotion – by texting the code on the stick you can get the chance to win a black or pink Porsche.
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