anniversary card
    I created this as a anniversary card for my girlfriend. This uses some of my first experiments using Cinema 4D. The three dimensional true love text started as a vector illustration and the imported into Cinema 4D. There I composed and rendered a 3D scene. The final composition was created in Photoshop CS3. The it was combined with stock photography and scanned elements.
  • The is a 3D rendering to give you a fell for what the tangible card would have looked like.
  • This is a one-sided card that was inserted in the card.
  • Image details: a) stock photos blended with 3D rendering in Photoshop CS3. b) use of varions masks including displacement maps and scanned textures. c) more scanned paint textures. d) a stock photo, a 3D rendering and a custom scatter brush, also the background is a masked vector pattern imported from Illustrator.
  • The front of the card's envelope.
  • The back of the envelope. Just like love a lot of pieces had to come together to make this work out.
  • Do you like what you see? Do you want to see more? The go here: www.iusecomputers.com.