TRON Legacy Premiere

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  • TRON Legacy Premiere Design
  • Our design focused on creating an iconic, coherent premiere that expanded media coverage and viral proliferation. Much like the TRON Legacy story itself, we suggested a strategy that interwove both physical & digital qualities. Where every aspect of the World Premiere event represented a transition into the virtual world of TRON Legacy.

    To that end, adNAU delivered a comprehensive design packet featuring designs for the red carpet premiere to stage designs for a Daft Punk concert that was slated to be held outside the El Capitan theater on Hollywood Boulevard and streamed live worldwide.  We conceived a virtual TRON lounge app to facilitate live streaming and even incorporated a glow sticks mini-app along with luminescent t-shirt designs to both immerse the crowd and create a stronger spectacle. 

    Following Daft Punk's withdrawal from the concert, Disney simplified the proceedings,
  • Daft Punk Low Stage Concept
  • Daft Punk High Stage Concept
  • International Premiere Marketing 
  • Curtain Show Performance
  • Virtual Premiere Lounge iPhone App