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T-Shirt label TRINITAS

TRINITAS is a clothing label that was founded in 2009 by german based design and art collective Nous Sommes Des Soleils.The idea behind the label and why we started it was that we wanted tocreate something that wasn‘t just a t-shirt, but something of that thefuture owner would know that it was something unique and special.Instead of going the easy way to achieve this, bymaking it insanely pricey, we decided to make our products very limitedand to give them a collectible feeling. The plan was to make sets,called VOLUMES, ofshirts with only six motives, always with a different topic for everyset, and to release a new set each two to three months. The motives arelimited to 25 pieces in each size and once they are sold out they won‘tbe reprinted. To make them stand out, the designs are printed on customdesigned oversized t-shirts we hand made. Due to the length of theshirts they suit men as well as women. The motives on the shirts are about contrasts. Goodand bad, dark and light, beauty and ugliness, happiness and sadness.And the way we think about those things. What is ugly? Where can wefind beauty? Also the kind of dark, monochrome and minimalistic fashionof the motives is a contra to the overflow of colourful shirts duringthe last years.

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