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  • This is one of the first dinning chairs I designed inspired by the extruded chair designs
    of Frank Gehry. The shape of my chair is based on three triangles and it was designed
    at first in two dimensions and then it was extruded to the third dimension.
    The main body of the chair is consisted of two solid blocks of joined cork layers which
    form the seat, the back and the rear leg. These layers are divided by a piece of black
    solid plexi glass which form both the front leg and a hanger at the back for coats,
    umbrellas, bags, etc. Despite the fact that the back side of the chair forms a ninety
    degrees corner with the floor, it offers a comfortable "sittable" area that leans ten
    degrees back.
  • Diagrams, drafts and 3d tests of the chair before the final design.