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  • Ane Brun , "Are They saying goodbye" (Spending time with Morgan - album)
  • There are no official data about the number of irregular migrants crossing Mexico, while it's known that in 2011 as many as 60,000 of them were arrested and repatriated. Nine out of ten of the tens of thousands of men, women and children who enter Mexico as irregular migrants from other countries of Central America, especially El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Most of them has as its goal to reach USA.Mexico is one of the few countries in the world to be both destination and transit point for migrants, as well as the starting point for thousands of Mexicans who try to find a job in the USA.They have to defend themselves from people-smugglers and also by the Mexican police, who instead of protecting them, most often robs them.The home for migrants of Ixtepec is an unexpected haven: you get women and men exhausted by days of travel on foot or on the roofs of trains, some were robbed, beaten or raped other, others have nothing. Many of them stops here only the time to sleep in a bed and take a shower.2500 km still separate them from the U.S. border.