TRANSFIX & the Paradox

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  • TRANSFIX & the Paradox

    Continuous pressure of modern society, college, multiple jobs & the always present need expectation to perform. It's not an easy period for 'Generation Y'; the stakes are high. Possibilities are endless; doubt or insecurity are no longer an option. Everyone’s trying to look their best when they step outside or through confident online profiles.

    Despite this controlled way of living and working there still are some hidden moments. What’s going on in their minds? Completely transfixed during insignificant situations a lot of things can happen. A genius business idea, stress-relief, love, loneliness, angst, intense happiness, who knows?

    EXHIBITIONS Oct 30 / Nov 22 WALLS, gallery
    Prinsensgracht 737, 1017 JX

    June 22 / 24 LOODS 6, Bagagehal
    KNSM-Laan 143, 1019 LB

    Opening night June 22, 19.00h

    June 29 / July 5   Fenixloodsen, Veerlaan 9-13
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    more information coming soon

    EXCLUSIVES All items are for sale
    C-print, 40x60cm, Dibond/Aluminum
    Limited exhibition prints, other sizes on request
    Editions: 5
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