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  • Transcience
    One Picture, Many Images
  • This is a series of work I did around an image of a skull which I originally created with an Inkpen.
    Then I scanned it and did some exhibitions in different styles, but with the same motive.
    Transcience refers in this case to values like money and on the other hand of the love, which are all, in my opinion, fading things in humans life. So Iput the heart for the love and the diamond for any kind of worthy thing in a human skulls eye, which is also fading away.
    I worked in different ways,

    One is very traditional done with colored pencils,

    One is mixed media with ink, crayon and photoshopped,

    One is a photomanipulation and combination of all kinds

    One is pure line-art kind of illustration digital only

    I hope you enjoy my ideas!

    Everything started with this:
  • I didn't want to make that page too long, so I won't show
    the making-of here, but I you have any questions, please ask me!

    Thanks for watching!