Toyota's NASCAR teams have a huge following, but that hasn't necessarily translated into fan interest in
    Toyota vehicles. Toyota Sponsafier got fans to engage by letting them design their very own Camry race car. The results were phenomenal, and for the second year we knew we needed to be sleeker, faster,
    and even more social.
  • HOMEPAGE - Sponsafier.com was the center of the campaign. By entering fans could win a day with their favorite NASCAR driver. Fans could either check out the gallery or enter and Sponsafy their own car to win.
  • GALLERY - This feature made it easy to scroll through the thousands of entries.
  • DETAIL VIEW - Fans could dive deep on each car and vote, take a test drive & share to help promote their favorite entries.
  • Choose your favorite driver. (if you won this would be your driver for a day.)
  • Customize your car.
  • Take your car for a spin.
  • Take some beauty shots of your car and share and promote with friends on your favorite social sites. 
  • SPONSAFEED - We designed the Sponsafeed to help promote and keep fans up to date with the latest happening in the Sponsafier Contest.
  • DASHBOARD - We designed the dashboard to be a quick view and quick navigation of your sponsafier cars.
  • Results
    Sponsafier 3 & 4 upped the ante by giving fans a chance to win a day with their favorite Toyota Cup driver. The new features, streamlined design and enhanced social components let fans engage even more than before, bringing thousands of new fans into the world of Sponsafier.