• The Studio worked with Ceri Payne at Discovery on his latest Christmas ident for TLC. The idea was simple and involved having Christmas lights hanging in a snow covered wood.
    The team modelled CG lights and some trees along with digital matte projections of woods and snow covered forests to create the scene.
    The Studio had 5 days to complete the whole project. Merry Christmas!
    I’ve done all the 3d, modelled the trees, the logo signs, the light bulbs and their animations.
    Because of the tight deadline, I opted not to use any Global Illumination or external render engines: all has been done with 3 lights per shot, to fake the light bounces as well.
    For the enshot I used a bit of Subsurface Scattering to give the idea of lights behind the semitransparent plastic of the TLC logo.
    The Drum talks about our idents.
    Director – Ceri Payne
    Post Production – TheStudio@smoke-mirrors.com