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  • The team has created the tourism campaign as the college assignment for promoting timeless heritage lifestyle of Penang as a unique and memorable experience for backpacker to experience. 
  • The concept behind the campaign is that "those that visiting the George Town get to feel the old world charm of Penang", targeting at the international tourists whose want to experience the local heritage lifestyle and get familiar with it through heritage mansions (living), heritage cafe (food) and heritage transportation - trishaw. 
  • "For you who missed the past, we keep and we share"
  • The sepia feeling and brownish colour moodboard is being used for the campaign for all communication. 
  • The logo of Timeless Penang is inspired by an old-style seal of passport. It's a reflection of the classic style to convey a timeless quality. 
  • The leftlet design   
  • Here's the magazine print advertisement
    Take a step into George Town, where the past lives on in the present
    Body Copy:
    The old world charm of George Town, Penang invites you to explore now.
    On the present day, George Town is still filled with buildings of yesterday that fully deserves to be appreciated.  Its remained old buildings are re-furnished into outlets such as heritage cafes and heritage mansions or hotels to fit the lifestyle of local people and visitors.  Old streets and alleyways, friendly people, and the unique local delights – it’s a most preferred venue for backpacker to indulge in the lifestyle of local community.
    Whether it’s tasting a cup of inherited old Penang-style coffee in a heritage cafe, riding trishaw around the historic area of the town, enjoying the atmosphere of the local community lifestyle at a leisurely pace, or just paying a visit to the Peranakan Mansion to interact with local friendly folks, George Town offers you the lifestyle that you’re likely to get in touch with.
    There is no better way to savour the heritage and lifestyle of Penang than through a real visit to here. Come and join us now in the historical George Town.