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    The TIMBRE GITARA Headphone Illustration project
    TIMBRE (tam-ber): The Color of Music.
    We Support LOKAL Art + Music.
    We also happen to sell HEADPHONES and other audio accessories.
    Client: TIMBRE
    Client Point Person: Paul Diaz (CEO of TIMBRE)
    Illustration & Character Design: Lei Melendres
    Headphones Design: Team Manila

    Check out the Headphones:

  • Started with the shape of the headphones. Two headphones intertwined forming a YinYang / Infinity look.
  • Placed monsters and other elements all around the headphones.
  • Started doing the linework using Unipin sign pens.
  • Traced the shape of the headphones and continued doing linework.
  • From another angle. Three stars and a sun design to show the national flag of the Philippines and the official logo of TIMBRE floating in the middle.
  • Done with the outer linework.
  • Off to shading. Guitara (guitar) design by Team Manila to portray the Filipino music.
  • Additional shadings.
  • Dj playing the official TIMBRE logo.
  • That's me with my logo on the bottom-right corner.
  • We support local music.
  • Final artwork on paper. 
  • Digital Artwork
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