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  • TILEinSIDE - A journey of the senses through the world of ceramics, designed by Giacomo Sanna for Ceramiche Coem
    CERAMICHE COEM at FUORISALONE 2009 - Milan -Italy

    TILEinSIDE defines an artificial naturalistic space moulded from a chromatic stratigraphy of geometrical elements. Setting itself against the schematic and rational conceptualisation of Italian garden’s elements, TILEinSIDE overturn its interpretation: what appeared geometrical through Nature’s process becomes now a naturalistic element shaped by Matter. Alluding to nature trails’ implicit suggestions, it enhances ceramic’s material and formal potentialities, through the valorisation of its chromatic and technical features. TILEinSIDE creates an evocative and symbolic space where man can feel itself as part of Matter and wrapped in it.