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Visual ideas for 384's Building.
____________Visual Identity ideas for the 384's building. This completely new kind of high-tec building
____________"works" with nature. Totally ecofriendly.
____________It's also a new kind in the matter of usability. Inside you are able to find: Hotels, apartments,
____________restaurants, malls, design studios, offices, lifestyle rooms (fashion), exhibition halls etc.
____________The building and the rooms are build with the highest quality you can get. With the highest
____________technology you can get. With the highest ecofriendliness you can get. With the most love ____________you can give.
____________The design shall to be fresh, futuristic, modern, unusal and special.
____________I used a gradient from green to blue to symbolize the fusion between nature and technology. 
____________The cheked pattern should display "NEW" - actually it is the transparent layer from 
____________Photoshop or rather it is what you see if you are starting a new project in it.
____________So I chose this as a perfect embellishment.
If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.
by Omar Bredley_______
by Omar Bredley_______

____________Posters for in-house display and in front of the buliding
____________Artworks for the design department
____________Thank you for watching!
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