• For the contest "Poster for Tomorrow" 2012 about "Gender Equality Now" I created this graphic proposal to denounce a big orrible phenomenon.

    Nowadays there is a discriminatory phenomenon for women much more alarming that the difficulty of making a career: it is called FEMICIDE.
    Every year a staggering number of women are murdered by someone they love.

    A father, a friend, an husband, even a son. The numbers are huge, it is estimated that every four hours a woman, daughter, mother, girlfriend, wife is a victim of murder.
    A splash of blood to represent violence, a red spot to dominate the composition.
    Red, the color of love, yes, that passion which often becomes possession and generates blood and death.

    A scream to awake women: any man who abuses you, hurts you, NOT LOVES YOU.
    In any case, the violence can't be called love. THIS ISN’T LOVE. DENOUNCE VIOLENCE