THETA (conceptual project) 2010

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  • THETA is a conceptual interactive project by
    Natasha Oi, David Marreiros, Justin Bailey and Sergi Castillo Madonar.

    Based on Pandora's Box, Hippocrates' Four Temperaments, Plato's The Republic Cardinal Virtues, St. Thomas Aquinas' Christian Cardinal Virtues, Jung’s Psychological Types and Mind & Brain Hemispheres.

    "On the floor of Zeus' palace there stand two urns, the one filled with evil gifts, and the other with good ones."

    TO PANDORA “Everything is locked inside this box. With it, embellish and perfume the entire world; with it dive the world in the most profound chaos. Inside that box is all the humanity. That box is the mind of all and each human being."

    Each one of us idealized and directed two scenes based in one concept. The central room was the only scene directed by the four of us.
  • CENTER: The 9th Room
    Directed by David MARREIROS, Justin BAILEY, Natasha Oi, Sergi CASTILLO MADONAR
    Cast: Alba Segarra Turull, Eduard Tucholke, Francesca Simoni, Joanna Slawinska, Justina Kriss, Marten Schlegel, Natasha Oi and Sergi Castillo Madonar. Thanks to all!

    The core; concentration of the human minds & all human beings; the world.
    Society vs Individuality; Multi vs One; Mask vs Truth

    In the central room, as the box of Pandora, you can find all human psychological types.
  • Extrovert Intuitive = Creativity
    Directed by Natasha Oi
    cast: Justina Kriss
    music: Ben Satumba y Su Orquesta – "La Banana (El único fruto del amor)"

    Sometimes creativity is the same as intuition, the same unconscious perception. The image has a value for a creativity person. He follows his sensations. He absorbs ideas and images. He uses intuition for perception of the information. That is why in my scene we see how a girl makes a banana from the heart, because is it her unconscious creativity.
  • RATIONALITY: Extrovert Feeling = Truth
    Directed by Natasha Oi
    cast: David Marreiros, Justina Kriss and Sergi Castillo Madonar
    music: Dido (feat. Sage) "Here With Me"

    As you know everyone has their own truth, that is why mine can not fit with yours. In my scene I showed one part of truth, which I recognized in my life, that we meet to leave. In the video we can see a girl, who meets with two guys at different times. She remembers two dates (but we see it as only one). In one of the date she broke her relation with the guy but in the other she stays. And nobody can understand why she stays with him because guys look both good. The main reason why she made her choose is her own truth. She understands that is not her last decision, she can meet another guys, because we meet to leave.

  • PERCEPTION: Introvert Sensation = Passion
    Directed by David MARREIROS
    cast: Justina Kriss, Natasha Oi and Sergi Castillo Madonar

    A compelling emotion, a strong amorous feeling, a sexual desire, a crescent enthusiasm of lust; a passion to love and to hate. A strong or extravagant fondness, an enthusiasm and desire for anything; a need to feel everything through any way; a passion for music. An intense felling, an intense emotion, a urge to live or die; a passion to be. Something external affects me but still, inside, warm water runs deep.
  • RATIONALITY: Introvert Feeling = Morality
    Directed by David MARREIROS
    cast: Sergi Castillo Madonar

    We live to follow the life of others: A critic, a speech, a instruction of a doctrine or system of morals. We are doomed to be controlled.
    We are born to live our own life: We live to find a balance, a harmony, a mid-point where we can meet and feel; No moral stands in the left, or in the right, neither in front or back.
    Our own life sets the life of others: We are doomed to control; we are doomed to try to be moral
    "21:25: Every man did that which was right in his own eyes" - Book of Judges
  • all THETA project on vimeo: thetaproject

    Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

    Interactive Image & Sound
    Erasmus Exchange Programme 2010

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