• "Shall we play a game?"
    And it's about my curriculum vitae. It begun years ago with its first version, back into 2009. I called it "THE ROUGH CURRICULUM", due to my self-defined rough style of the beginnings, and I developed two versions of it during the year, one more simple and the second with more details and treatments,
    as my skills grew (but staying however rough as visual taste).
    It was probably my first really appreciated project on Behance since I joined the network the same year. After two years I decided to update it, due to the recent graduation and also to show how much I was graphically evolved.
    It was a BOOM! as feedback (till now, my most appreciated project).
    And brought me popularity and jobs (as a good resume is supposed to be).
    Other two years are passed, and I've decided to carry on the saga.
    Each section is introduced with its own silly animation.
    And the printed resume itself, at the end.
    Enjoy, and hope you like it!!!