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    details and rough translation

    – Fragments and inspiration from the novella "Michael Kohlhaas" by Heinrich von Kleist.
    – Behold the brute Kohlhaas! One of the most upright and
    at the same time one of
    the most abominable humans of his time.
  • It was a sense of justice that made me become a thief and murderer.
  • Detestable injustice was done upon you by the squire Wenzel von Tronka that was condoned and
    went unpunished due to his blood relation to the aureate gentlemen Hinz and Kunz von Tronka.
  • I'm urged to push you good-for-nothing fatso right into the dung.
  • But you declined to fall from one swoon into the other and a ghastly fury seized your mind.
  • In dispicable vigilante justice you reached for fire and sword to punish the malice of the world.
  • Now then! Today is the day you will be served your justice. For your outragous deeds
    you shall be brought from life to death.
  • But the club that protects myself was put into my hand by no other than you!
  • When I was denied the protection of society's laws, I was cast out into the wasteland to the savages.
  • And your murderous arrangements were good, my friend!
    – Oh my dear Sternbald, my heart swells!
  • The state draped a veil in front of the holy face of justice.
    – For crying out loud - it tears apart our soul that was well-brought-up by the world!
  • I would rather be a dog in this world, if I must be trampled on, than a human being!
  • Folly rules the world!
  • Upon my soul, hell and the devil – brothers, save yourselves!
  • Let there be justice, though the world perish.