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  • Conference Overview
    The digital revolution has come to Africa. This was the concept we sought to bring across for Africa’s first-ever Verge Conference.
    By combining iconic digital elements with the vibrant style of Africa, we succeeded in creating an event that was as unique as it was memorable. From online emails to cheeky table menus, from colourful posters to a playful website, from Ascii-Text live video cameras to a lively programme booklet – every element was shack-chic and sharp-sharp.
  • Conference Programme
    Lively programme booklets were presented to each delegate upon arrival. These included the agenda, speaker profiles, a digital glossary and space to write notes.
  • The Event
    Foyer, Oware Game Station, Ascii-Text Screens in Foyer, Close-up of Ascii-Text Screens, Inside Conference, Speaker Presentation
  • T-Shirts
    Delegates could select one of three T-shirt designs via the website. These were ready for them at the event itself.