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  • The Endless Summer
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    Have you ever watched "The Endless Summer" documentary film from 1966? Well, I have. My name is Riccardo, I'm 23 years old and I think it would be awesome to follow the summer through the entire planet to surf or do anything else.

    The aim of this open organisation is to give the possibility of travelling through the world freedomly and living in places which people just dream of for their entire lives. Unfortunately doing this without money it's difficult so I've found a solution: working while travelling.This is not easy as you can think, but what if there was an organisation allowing employers and travellers to meet? Yes, it would be great. I want to create a platform to make this dream come true.

    What I need the most is people who share my same approach, who believe this project can be realized.
    The core of the organisation would be employers from all around the world who feel they can make themselves available to help people living happier. If you think you can offer job for a limited amount of time regularly start by writing to me. If you are not an employer but just an enthusiast write to me too, I need collaborators that can handle emails from employers or other people from different countries.
    I can't do this thing by myself, but we can do it together

    If you want to join this organisation or simply give advice you can write at the address below. Don't be shy!