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    A counting book by and for circus creatures everywhere
  • This is a counting book for children but with a twist. We are introduced to numbers through the exciting world of a circus run by and for animals. All the acts represent an exciting insight into their world and introduce counting. 

    ONE Majestic Ringmaster will guide you through the Extravaganza with Aplomb and Exqusite Efficiency shown here.

    TWO: That Extraordinary Pair, Bruno Wood and Tommy Cave, the Biggest, Strongest Bears in the World, will lift a Hippo as big as a House.

    The THREE Tremendous Travelling Turtles will Tumble from Terrifying Heights into a Tiny Tank. Will they Survive?

    Our FOUR Fabulous Juggling Sea Lions will Perform Feats of Prodigious Skill with Balls and Skittles amid fun and laughter for All! 

    All the way up to twenty, then 50 Marvin, the Marvellous Millipede will display his Extraordinary Wellington Boot extravaganza (shown here). 

    Then 100: Now feast your Eyes and dim the Light, a hundred Fireflies shine out bright. They look like stars up in the sky, but look, those stars have learnt to fly. 

    There are several things I want to introduce children to through this book: Counting, New words, Colour, Animals, countries of the world, the imaginary (mythical and extinct animals of the past in one act). In my book the animals are in control and are hopefully loveable and admirable. My aim was to create a book that can appeal to children of different ages and reading ability.