• Design, concept & manufacture of an exhibition stand for PLYWOOD.CH, a small ski brand based in Switzerland.
  • We were faced with following constraints:
    - two pairs of skis had to be displayed plus additional promo material such as flyers etc.
    - the base area may not exceed 2 x 1 m
    - budget was tight
    - one person had to be able to assemble and disassemble the stand in less than 30min
    - the whole booth needed to fit into an opel agila for transportation. for those of you who don`t know this car here`s a link so that you get an idea of this challenge: http://www.allcarpictures.com/pictures/opel/agila-2004/opel-agila-2004002.jpg

    The car-constraint meant that no piece of the stand could be larger than 50cm x 2.1m. Thus large exhibition walls were no option. With respect to the brand name we came up with the idea of wooden shipping boxes. Besides looking nice the material costs of these boxes were still in budget. To meet the car-constraint the boxes had to be collabsible. This issue was solved in combination with lashing straps, which hold all sides together and allow for easy and quick setup.
    As a side effect we noticed that the concept of this stand is extendable for future exhibition with additional skis on display.