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The Book Cafe


Located at 20 Martin road, away from the bustling city, The Book Cafe is a great place to have first dates, family gatherings, business meals and also chillout sessions.

THE BOOK CAFE is cafe filled with elements of a homely and comfortable environment. Its furnished with an indoor dining area that resembles a large living room with big inviting sofas, soft lights and also book shelves which complements its intimate interior. There is also an al-fresco dining area which also serves as a smoking area. The Logo on the left is the proposed logo for THE BOOK CAFE. The idea behind this logo, derieved from the cafe name and the great selection of comfort food served at the cafe.

The approach behind the design of the logo was explored around the concept of infusing food into the logotype. I added little playful elements into the design, so as to portray the cafe as a non-serious eatery. Also at the same time, it not only allow people to identity THE BOOK CAFE as a place with great books but also a place which serves great food. 

The cafe has its name shorten to just BOOK to make it easier to remember. The typeface used to form the skeleton of the logotype is ITC Avant Garde, after which I tweak it to its current design. Lastly, the usage of just one colour provides clarity for the logo thus making every detail easy to identify.