TGI Fridays Kids Menu Cover

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  • The brief was to create a cool cover for the new kids menu. The key objective was to come up with a cover that made children feel they can be themselves, grown up , ‘cool’ and fit in with the red and black Friday’s ethos.
    Banksy was referenced in the brief along with a girl with a milkshake.
    The previous cover had two kids on a Harley Davidson and American automotive themes run strong within TGI interiors.
    So I jumped on this and hit them with this first version.
  • "Ahhhh...too wild!" they said. "Ok" I said. The idea of kids expressing themselves was a strong theme they wanted to carry so I stripped out the car wreck and general carnage in favour of some nice primary colour application to the background...
  • "Ahhh...hmmm...we like it" they said, "let's lose the spray paint in the boys hand - maybe we could change his naughty expression into a more gleeful one".
    "Ok" I said.
  • "Perfect", they said.