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    I was wondering how can the thermostat be more interesting or at least do more than it does now so I decided to create TESS. As you will see, TESS is a pack of thermostat, entertainment and social system, wich means that it does what a thermostat should do. It keeps the temperature at your desired level. It can even suggest some temperature settings based on the current state of the indoors and the weather outside or you could set it from anywhere by phone. 
    The entertainment part comes from its ability to play radio, mp3 or other format music files or clips from youtube and you can search for your favourite video or artist by voice command. You just have to call "Tess", if not just tap on any input box and the laser keyboard appears, wich can be projected anywhere you want from the settings pannel. And of course, the social part, Facebook, Twitter, and email integration wich can keep you up to date with news and other things that matter to you. And if a link contains a movie or a picture, it will be easily played by the incorporated player.
    TESS could be also very useful in the kitchen if, for example, you want to watch a recipe instead of reading it, or exercise while watching a video by your favourite trainer. All this of course at the room temperature that you desire.