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Campaign 'Elections' for mobile operator Tele2.
Development of the logotype and icons, style, printing materials and activations for the special campaign 'Elections' organised by the mobile operator Tele2 (autumn 2012).
Activation #1
The special activation, which took place on the streets of the cities where Tele2 mobile operator is presented. Promo boys equipped with special posters had to organise some kind of small meetings on the cross-roads. They had to invite people to take part in the voting for the lower price for the mobile access. As the result they all should have gone to the nearest Tele2 shop.
Activation #2
The activation should have taken place near the Tele2 shops and near the shopping centers.
The participants had to use slingshot and suckers to hit the goal and gain prises and discounts. 
The winter variation of the game. Instead of the slingshot and suckers participants had to use snowballs.
Activation #3
The participants should have split into groups of two. They had to press the buttons of the colour of their group on a special board at the command of the moderator. They had to do this simultaniously without any delay. If they managed to do this the buttons started shining, and the winners got discounts and special prises fron Tele2.