• With the 2011 TEDxToronto theme “Redefinition”, we set our task to redefine presence and participation. Using physical sensors & social media, we set out to bridge the disconnect between the online and physical.
    Putting together a library of 500 samples, from 17 world renowned producers, we set the base for what would be a live composition directed by all those following TEDxToronto on the day of the event. Whether they were at the venue, interacting with our visualizations, triggering visual, sonic or motion sensors – or whether they were watching the live feed and tweeting from the cyberspace – they would all become composers and directors with their output interspersed throughout the venue in the form of music and visuals.
    Music in the installation produced by the following artists: Jimmy Edgar, Si Begg, Tim Exile, Trifonic, Drumcell, Kero, Yoko K., Audionerve, Adrian Ellis, Andrew Lauzon, BXFTYS Audio, AudioAndroid, Marco Morales, Lodewijk Vos, Darren Wiener, Matt Davis and Drasko V.
  • Some music generated during the conference:
  • Roles: Visual design, Development
    Collaborators: Drastic Music