• On 20 September, IED Milan presented TEDxIED: the first TEDx ever to be organised by a school in Italy was entitled “Creativity is a profession”. Keeping faith with the philosophy, method and objectives of training at the IED, TEDxIED has given itself the remit to explain how creativity is in every way a profession, one of strategic value for getting the economy moving again.

    The title of TEDxIED is "creativity is a profession", since we think that it has all the characteristics of a job. The creative as a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer.
    We believe that creativity has always been underrated, but now occupies a key role to revive the Italian and international economy and is itself a fundamental driver of productivity.
    TEDxIED host creative thinkers who, through their speeches, will analyze all the characteristics that make creativity a full profession. They will speak about Time, Creative Process, Team Working, Economic Value, Network, Sharing, Social Value, Transversality.

    More information about TEDxIED is available at TEDxIED.com

    In particular, I would thank Andrea Rech for helping me to create the stage.
    He does really cool stuff on Type. Check out his works!
  • * I blame myself for using Helvetica. I hate Helvetica, but I had to use it in regard to TEDx rules.
  • We had no budget to put this event up. So we thought to recycle every material from the project itself. Our failed tries changed in an opportunity to organize a little break for everyone.
  • This giant totem was realized by Andrea Rech.