TED 2011 - AT&T

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  • As experience designers for the TED Conference, Sub Rosa works with sponsor brands to create immersive experiences throughout the event.

    The 2011 AT&T sponsored social space was an interactive experience designed to explore the ideas of wonder through the brand’s “Network of Intelligence.” A tube-based sculptural installation was created and rigged with interactive lighting displays that showcased the “pulse” of TED – measured through conversations and tweets tracked by a custom software application.

    A large scale microtile wall kept the conversation aggregated and TED attendees abreast of what AT&T programming would take place throughout the week. Touch surfaces and Cisco Telepresence stations rounded out the installation, allowing attendees to connect live with the people and content that make AT&T’s Network of Intelligence thrive around the globe.

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    concert events with up and coming talent from the program