• A documentary photo-calendar-project about the students and teachers of Dr. Mezger Secondary School in Melela, Tanzania.
    TAYOMI is a Christian youth ministry in Tanzania. A vital part of TAYOMI's vision is providing an ethical foundation, qualified education and vocational training for young people in Tanzania. Girls and boys from different parts of the country, and from various religious and tribal backgrounds are taught together. A German based group of volunteers is supporting TAYOMI and Dr. Mezger Secondary School with donations and knowledge.
    The genuine openness and self-confidence the students have shown us is reflected by the photograps giving a very personal insight to the life and work at the Dr. Mezger School.
    The resulting photographs were made available to the organization for public relation purposses. In addition we produced a charity calendar in cooperation with the German supporters of TAYOMI.
    More information about the work of the organization and the friends of  TAYOMI at www.tayomi.de