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    Taxibeat is an app in which you get to choose your taxi driver based on your specific needs, rather than have someone randomly assigned to you.We were asked to create the drivers' start-up kit; in other words, the package that drivers receive upon their subscription to the service.

    The start-up kit consists of a Welcome letter, a users guide, brand stickers and a “best customer” certificate awarded by the driver to the best passengers, all included in a single package.
    Its purpose, apart from informing the new driver about the service, is to welcome the member into the Taxibeat family and create an inviting, personal and close-knit bond between the service and the end-user.
    Taxibeat is an international company with global approach. Wherever someone may travel, the taxi flag is the only sign that stays intact and acts as a constant reference. The shape of the latter was the inspiration behind the packaging design. 
  • The Welcome Letter includes a message from the founder of Taxibeat. The wide header is printed with the logo, which comes as a natural extension to the packaging layout.
  • A series of four stickers was also designed. More specifically, it consists of one yellow sticker bearing the "Top Driver" message and three stickers following the “I <3…” philosophy, replacing the heart with a mobile device. The message is transformed to "I mobile Taxibeat", thus pointing out the new technology era and inviting users to engage into mobile activity.
  • Users’ guide was designed using a simple grey layout and reiterating the wide yellow header and logo.
  • Finally, the packaging includes a set of “Best-Customer” award card, given to the best passengers by the drivers. These certificates aim towards nurturing interaction between the driver and the customer. Further than that, this below-the-line marketing material creates broader brand awareness.
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    Haris Sfakianakis @ Math Studio