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        The Tarahumara call themselves RARAMURI,”The People Who Run.”   Over the past four centuries the Tarahumara people have retreated deeper and deeper into the Sierra Madre.  They left their fertile plains below the mountains to escape the influences of “civilized: people.   Now they have retreated as far as they can go; there is no more sierra.   Their mountains are not fas south of the Mexico /US border, just about 300 miles south of Tucson AZ.   There are about 50,000 Tarahumara, making them the second largest Native Tribe in North America, second only to The Navajo Tribe.
                  I went to the Sierra Tarahumara twice in 1982, for Easter and 
    Christmas and then again for Easter in 1983.    I used KodachromeII film, which I have scanned to make these digital files.   Much has changed in the last 30 Years.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        John Running