TAMTOO - Hyperlocal Website Concept

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  • Tamtoo - Hyperlocal Website Concept
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    A concept of a hyperlocal website providing information about entertainment and cultural events in the city of Katowice. It’s a dedicated tool for finding events and planning your free time in the city.

    The aggregated information is presented on an interactive map of the city and searching is possible by:

    - event categories – choosing from eight categories (art, design, education, literature, movies, music, scene and sports) you can filter what is interesting for you

    - date – on the timeline you can choose single days and time intervals like weeks, months ect.

    - place – by providing an address, exploring the map or setting up a location on the map (placing a pin) and narrowing the search radius

    The markers on the map are color-coded by category and it’s also possible to display the popularity of events – the higher the popularity, the larger the radius of a marker.

    The prototype enables social interactions like inviting friends to an event, recommending content, attending events and sharing opinions. The service is meant to learn the users individual tastes and personalize his activity feed and the information he receives based on his and other users behaviors.

    This project was created in response to lack of a content-rich, well-designed entertainment-related information source with social interactions in mind.

    Starting from identifying the problem, I was responsible for defining the possible solution, functional requirements, interaction design, prototyping, wireframing and the final graphic design, feel and branding.