T stool & HH / TENT LONDON

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    They define themselves as a design nomad.
    Ryan and Harc hit the road
    right after graduating design school. Since 2009 they have been around the world seeking for diverse cultural experiences. Last year they settled in London.
    Ryan started her self-initiated projects to tell a story about their nomadic experiences. 
    T stool & HH 
    Nomadic Life and Modularity
    Tea stool and HH share in common in terms of having modularity.
    It is because these two products are inspired by nomadic life style. Both of them let you use them more flexibly depending on your needs. For instance, you can use Tea stool’s side parts in many different ways. Plus you can make diverse formations from a bench to a table.
    HH is a platform furniture which also allows you some creativities. By adding units, HH change its shape. With HH , you can arrange organize and exhibit beautiful objects around you. 
  • RYAN HARC exhibits in TENT LONDON 2013 ( Sep 19 - 22 ) 
    Please visit booth    C15 T2