T - Refreshingly Honest - Real Client Brief

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  • A lot of products claim to be healthy when they’re actually packed with additives. This range of refreshments has no artificial preservatives, additives or colourants and can therefore own its position as the only truely healthy range of refreshments on the market.
  • A > Posters.

    In line with our brand proposition, we launch the product with refreshingly honest human truths.
    The posters create intrigue and talkability around the new product whilst driving people to
    website with the incentive of free product.
  • B > Website.

    All product information is available on the website.
    On entering the website,
    you literally move through all of the
    information, further driving home the message of transparency.
  • The website then incentivises people to share their own refreshingly honest human truths (in order to receive free product) via Twitter, thus spreading the message further whilst achieving product tasting in a fresh & original way.
  • C > Cans.

    T - Iced Tea, Water & Smoothie. We're so honest, we've taken what you'd usually find on the back of the can and put it on the front.

  • Art Director - Martin Magner
    Copywriter - Anna Nurse
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