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Syringe dispenser for BD syringes
Syringe Dispenser
Undergraduate Capstone Project
For my Capstone course at Georgia Tech, we were given projects based on the needs of existing companies that reached out to our program. The company that my team was assigned to was Becton, Dickinson, and Co., who was hoping for a solution to a problem they faced in several overseas markets, especially India. Since hospitals can't afford to supply their own syringes, patients are asked to bring in their own, which they must purchase in markets on the streets. The problem is that in many cases, these syringes are used and repackaged, resulting in a great health risk. They are also exposed to the elements, risking contamination once opened. It was our job to develop a solution to these problems by devising a safe, sterile way to deliver syringes to consumers. The result of many sessions of brainstorming is what is pictured on this page. The first three images below are some initial concepts that were thought up that I drafted in AutoCAD.
The design that we settled on was a bit of a variant on the above concept, in which three carousels hold three different types of syringes within a weatherproof container that dispenses one syringe at a time. The idea was that only a BD-certified supplier can refill the container, in order to prevent reuse of syringes. Images of the final prototype, of which 90% of the work was done by myself, can be seen below.
A water-jet cutter was used to cut out the sheet metal carousels and wooden gears. The space in the center of the device was used to store additional syringes to later refill the carousels.