• Synthesis: Expanded Painting

  • Santiago Sara Brown, 5000x5000px Digital Still, 2009

  • Julia waits at Kims Crag, 5210x5210px Digital Still, 2009

  • Tethered To Soth, 4493x4493px Digital Still, 2009

  • Fischer's Garden, 6418x6418px Digital Still, 2009

  • Sarsen for the Mother of the Bride, 5500x5500px Digital Still, 2009

  • Terra Cape, 5500x5500px Digital Still, 2009

  • Williams Bridge, 5000x5000px Digital Still, 2009

  • Crewd son Landscaping and Design, 3430x3430px Digital Still, 2009

  • Sarfati's Walk, 3131x3131px Digital Still, 2009
  • About the project:

    Alex Fischer’s current work explores the relationship between contemporary art and the context of produc- tion within a university visual arts program. An im- mersion into the effect of digital information, Fischer’s work continues the experimental tendencies of post- abstract expressionism and expanded painting. By spe- cifically referencing practicing artists in various stages of their career, his work exploits art historical context and the tautological influence of art institutions.

    Setting up specific dialogues between the trends of his contemporaries Fischer treats the production of art- work as a type of syncretism. The melding of various schools of thought by artists working off one another, there is a strong sense of camaraderie in developing the artistic potential of emerging technologies. Specifically drawing on the work of colleagues and professional in- fluences communicates the inherent relationships and modes of fine arts education. Fischer aestheticizes this collective immersion to provide insight on the current directions of art in social media. The result is a delicate medley of information and simulation.

    Produced primarily using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and a Wacom tablet Synthesis is a body of digi- tally produced still images executed during the spring of 2009. While the iconographical traces suggest a predetermination for complexity, permitting a point of reference by way of the bizarre recognizable symbols allows for an introspective interpretation. The dialogue is extensive and provides reflection for both the social and art historical qualities of each piece.

    Prints of all of these are currently available through O'Born Contemporary.