• We were commissionedto design and direct the game cinematics and provide a graphic language thatcould be used throughout production & marketing. This meant working closely with the game art director andgame designer, co-writing scripts and testing R&D works.

    Our creative challenge was to createa dramatic and engaging prologue that would not only provide a backgroundnarrative to the game but establish a visual language for all in game graphicsand promotional material. Syndicate was an old isometric game that had a hugefollowing in '93 with a popular cyber punk graphic styling. Our challenge was to create a newgraphic language that would seduce the high end gamer of today.

    We wereconscious of the basic interpretation of a post apocalyptic future and wantedto steer away from the usual distressed typography and glitchy styling of manycurrent first person shooter games. Instead of a glossy approach, we restrictedourselves to a black&white palette, using orange as our only highlightcolour.

    To illustratethe connectivity theme of the game, we designed a family of signaturewireframes that would scale and connect together like a fractal. We achievedthis by using only dots and lines without any depth of field or post heavypolish.

    We feltthe subversive nature of the story would resonate best with a lamenting soundcomposition, accompanied by an ominous VO narration.