Symbiotic Release

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    I had been racking  my brain over what to putt in place the bow and arrow besides the obvious,
    which the stars seemed almost like a no brainier too, better late then never I suppose.
    May 29th,2013

    This is a Astrological painting of my boyfriend, Brent Boutte. His sun sign is
    Sagittarius, and he has several other planets in Sagittarius and other fiery
    planets too. In many ways his personality is represented by the elements of
    his astrology birth chart. He is a musician, loves the arts, loves to travel,
    always has a goal and direction. He also loves philosophy, the stars and
    astrology. Also to note, he does have some other earthy qualities reflected in
    his birth chart, as shown I put green garments on him as it is also his favorite
    color; he also favors blue too.
    Underpainting: Canvas covered in a mid tone first, drawing transferred. Then
    brightest whites and darkest dark's blocked in.
  • First the background and then to Painting the Figure.
  • FIN!