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Original art and layout design for Sxip Shirey's album, "Sonic New York", as well as a matching artist website.
Art for Sxip Shirey's "Sonic New York"
Album Art and Web Design
Sxip Shirey is one of the most brilliantly weird clients I've ever had. Watching him perform is a sublime experience - at first it seems you're watching man in a pinstripe suit holding various childrens toys and noisemakers up to a microphone running into a menagerie of guitar pedals. Then, just as you're wondering if this is actually music, or just another wanky "found-object performance artist", something nearly magical  happens;  the melange of sounds coalesces into vivid focus, with surprising emotional depth. To an observer, he's sampling, looping, reverbing and pitch-shifting short audio recordings. But to the listener, what's going on is an distinctly alchemical process. With his laboratory of mics and pedals, Sxip transforms the mundane into the magical.  

His album, "Sonic New York" is a collage of moments and feelings comprising his swan song to the greatest city in the world. One that that simultaneously inspires and destroys more artists than anywhere else.

So we wanted to art to reflect that; an explosion of love and grit. A hymn to hating how much we love this place, and loving how much we hate it. 
Front cover.!
For all you nerds who were wondering how the design on the spine integrates with the front cover image.  
The CD packaging, opened once. While my photography skills do litle justice, in print the ghost image of the Brooklyn Bridge came out beautifully. 

This is my autographed copy, hence the red marks.