"Switch!" (a tribute to Mr Potatoe Head) collection

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  • SWITCH! 
    A tribute to Mr Potatoe Head
    Collection for Dudes Factory, Berlin

  • I got invited to design the second collection for Dudes Factory.
    The particularity of the brand is to offer an online application that allow you
    to design/re-design/remix you own t-shirt out of elements you can find
    in every artist's collections. 

    Instead of creating a collection that would be dismantled into elements,
    I chose to first create those elements, and then design my collection. The result is series
    of eyes, noses, mouths and haircuts that I used to create characters.

    Following the idea of "creating faces", I also designed a serie of scarves
    that "remix" you face ;-)

    Available at www.dudes-factory.com


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