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Editorial identity for the lead body for film funding in Switzerland
The film section of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture is the lead body for film funding in Switzerland. It supports the development, production and distribution of films, and publishes industry research and statistics.
The visual identity was developed with the aim to foster an open communication and to make the often complex information (e.g. research and statistics) accessible. To avoid any bias towards a specific film aesthetic it does not reference any film aesthetic. An information design led approach underlines the film section’s function as a funding body and clearly differentiate it from other film related organisations such as cinemas or production companies.
Images are only used as content and context specific to avoid preferential treatment of films. They add an emotional level and show the ‘result of the funding’. Thereby aiming to connect the abstract concept of funding with the experience of watching films, thus underlining the relevance of the funding program.
As Switzerland is a multilingual country with four national languages all communication is published at least in the two most widespread (French and German).
Leporello printed as a multiple printed panel with an interchanged sequence of images
Trilingual invitation cards inspired by the idea of ‘coming together
A crucial part of the work is to give editorial guidance and develop meaningful information graphics. This to enhance information hierarchy and clarity. Resulting in layouts that make the content easy to access.
Development and specifications of editorial and design standards
Data visualisation
As a response to a growing demand of delivering information on a more steady bases a “content first” approach was proposed with a main focus on digital publishing. Thereby understanding a publication as a platform and publishing as a service. Currently the project is under review.