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Used for advertising and publicity regarding the tournament. Printed on participating players' apparel. Not available for public sale.
Swift Current Broncos Alumni Golf Classic
Paid project creating a new logo for the Broncos' annual alumni golf tournament.
The Swift Current Broncos of the WHL (Western Hockey League) in the CHL (Canadian Hockey League) needed a new logo for their annual alumni golf tournament.  The goal was to create something more modern, clean, and more easily printed than the previous logo.

The logo began print & production in July, 2012.
Swift Current Broncos Primary Logo 2003/2004-Present
Prototype 1.  Golfer silhouette inside of a retro-style hockey jersey circle.  Broncos primary logo at the bottom.
Prototype 2.  Broncos primary logo, recolored so that the existing graphics inside the horse head resemble a golf green and bunker.
Final Logo.  Incorporating the golfer silhouette and the Broncos primary logo, creating something both bold and concise, as well as distinctly linked to the Broncos' organization.
On hoodie, with mock vintage effect.