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What's better then a gnammy and tasteful ice-cream cone, sweet and creamy: nothing else! The idea just makes all happy!
From this idea the pouf/case Sweety-Pouf takes its shape: a little bon bon which fit your house, in a living room, in an hall or in the bedroom.
The main body of Sweety-Pouf is a solid made of 12 sides, tapering towards the base. The volume is made of plywood , birch and oak veneered.the minor diameter is 30cm, the major is 40cm with an height of 34cm.
The seat cushion has a diameter of approx 41cm, with coloured felt upholstery. The base of the cushion is in polyurethane and plywood to support the seat.
The 'ice-cream' drops are elements made of felt which are decorative, besides becoming the handles of the cushion as cap of the little case.
The cushion colours are inspired by the ice-cream flavours: the creamy ones (brown/cream) or the fruity ones (strawberry/pink or apple/green) chosen as a single colour or combined in two colours.
...Gluttons will be eager to discover Sweety-Pouf!