Sustainable Coastlines ( Annual Report )

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  • Sustainable coastlines ltd is a chartable organization that focuses on highlighting the destruction of our seashores and marine life due to the disregard for our environment.
    The organization runs annual awareness and clean up campaigns and were in desperate need for financial investment in order expand operations.
    In an attempt to give the public the perception that the organization needs money and that they don’t ineffectively spend their donations on the likes of marketing etc, it was important that the annual report also encouraged investment. The concept aims to evoke a sense of guilt and disgust, in potential investors, via artwork and imagery that portray abuse to our environment.
    The document is comprised of a collage of what appears as various examples of typical usable waste that’s found on our seashores.
    In conjunction the report hence, takes a positive spin on recycling by being a physical example of a reusable and recyclable product.
    Lastly the visual aesthetic of the document has also been stripped back to, a grungy/ raw appearance to evoke the sense that that the organization doesn’t have money to spend on fancy marketing.